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Алланың үйін зиярат етуге шамасы жететін әрбір адам үшін қажылыққа бару – оның мойнындағы Алланың ақысы. Ал кімде-кім күпірлік қылып, қажылықты жоққа шығарса (немесе жағдайы болып, шамасы жетіп тұрып қажылық парызын өтемесе), біліп қойыңдар, Алла ешкімге мұқтаж емес (ешкімнің қажылығына да, басқа құлшылығына да зәру емес), керісінше, бүкіл ғалам Оған мұқтаж. «ӘЛИ-ИМРАН» сүресі, 97-аят
Қажылық парызы мен ұмраны Алла (Тағаланың разылығы) үшін толық өтеңдер. "Бақара" сүресі, 196-аят
Since 1825 in Petropavlovsk the authorities began to register pilgrims.
The first Kazakh who performed the Hajj to Mecca in 1791-92 was Doszhan Kashakuly.
Until 1880, there were many holders of Russian passports from the south to perform the Hajj.
In 1896, in connection with the epidemic of plague in India, the Russian government banned trips to Mecca and Medina.
But, despite the ban, in the period from 1898 to 1900, the Kazakhs did not stop to hajj to Mecca.
December 31, 1900 the pilgrims began to receive the "Pilgrim's passports".
Since the Russian government allowed pilgrimage in 1901, the Kazakhs began to perform hajj to Mecca in large numbers.
In 1902-1907, the Kazakhs wrote a petition to create conditions for unhindered travel to Mecca.
In 1993 for the first time our flag flew in the Holy Land.
In 1996 the Kalmukan Isabaev and S. Baizhanov published the book "Қажыға барған қазақтар".

Kunanbai Uskenbayuly was born in 1804 and died in 1886. Kunanbai's father, Uskenbay, was an influential, authoritative person among the tribe of Tobykty.

One of his most memorable stories ...

Doszhan haji Kashakuly

Khazret Doszhan ishan (Dosmukhammed) Kashakuly (1815-1890) is a religious enlightener, a well-known thinker, public figure, who took an active part in the life of the people. According to some historical ...

Kozhanazar haji Artykbayuly

Kozhanazar ishan Artykbayuly was born in 1855 and died in 1918 at the age of 63 (aged Prophet). Kozhanazar ishan had seven sons. Kozhanazar Artykbayuly made three pilgrimages to Mecca ...

Shakarim haji Kudaiberdiuly

Shakarim Kudaiberdiyev, the grandson of Kunanbai haji, is one of the Kazakhs who made the pilgrimage and spent his life as a Muslim. At the age of five Shakarim was ...

Akyt haji Ulimzhiuly
Akyt Ulimzhiuly, a native of the family of Abak Kerey, was born in 1868 in the Kayyrty, Koktogai district, Altai aimak. His father, Ulimzhi, was a simple shepherd.

In 1908 ...
Zukha kazhy Sabituly

Zukha-batyr was born in 1866 in the Zaysan region of the Eastern Kazakhstan oblast in the family of Sabit-mullah. His grandfather Nurmukhammed-abyz obtained the education in Ufa and Bukhara, was ...

Kazhymukan Munaitpasuly
Along with the unprecedented wrestling quality, there are many memories that prove that Hajimukan was a deeply religious, believing person. When he married for the first time a Russian girl ...
Saduakas haji Gylmani

Saduakas Gylmani was born in 1890 in the village of Maltabar, the District of Erementau, the Region of Akmola. His distant ancestor Muhamediyar, called Sary Mullah, was a man deeply ...

Abdulla haji Saryuly

Abdulla (Shaken) Haji Saryuly Muhammad al-Bukhari (1927-2000) was a Kazakh, who served in the highest military service of the Arab country and was in power in Mecca after Sultan Beybaris ...

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